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We are a family law firm in Covington, Louisiana serving St. Tammany and Washington Parishes. Unlike traditional law firms, we practice on a flat fee basis, which allows our clients to choose the level of service they need.

Legal Services


Let us help you make the right decisions for your family and move forward with confidence and less drama.


Call us to understand how your assets will be distributed under Louisiana law and what you can do to protect your estate.


When a family member dies assets will need to be transferred. We are experienced in handling small and large Louisiana successions.


We can help you navigate your intra-family, stepparent or third party adoption.

Marriage Contracts

Prenuptial agreements need to be considered by parties, especially when one of the parties already has children.

Marie Hillman


Marie is originally from Thibodaux, Louisiana and graduated from Tulane University with a BA in English in 1993. She then graduated from Loyola Law School in 1997. She was admitted to the Louisiana Bar in 1997 and began practicing family law in Covington in 1998. She is a certified family law mediator and a member of the Bar Association of the 22nd JDC and the Professional Women of St. Tammany. She is so proud to be a part of the law firm that her parents started in Louisiana over 45 years ago, and proud of the opportunity that it gives her to help others.


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Benefits of a flat fee for your divorce

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How long does child support continue in Louisiana?

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Do I need a Louisiana will??

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In which parish do I file my Louisiana divorce?

A divorce action in Louisiana must be brought in either the parish where one of the parties is domiciled or the parish of the last matrimonial […]

Flat Fee Pricing

During the initial consultation we will go over the flat fee pricing schedule and what it includes and does not include. Flat fees for wills, successions, pre-nuptial agreements and other services will be discussed at the consultation and will vary depending on complexity of issues and needs of clients.

  • $150 Initial Consultation Fee
  • Flat fee prices do not include court costs.
  • Clients pay their own court costs directly to St. Tammany Clerk of Court
  • Court fees must be paid in advance.
What is the status of your divorce?

102 vs 103 Divorces

Under Louisiana Civil Code art. 102, a spouse may seek a divorce by filing a petition and then living separate and apart for 365 days if there are minor children or 180 days. After the time period required for living separate and apart passes, then either party can file to have the judgment of divorce granted.

Under Louisiana Civil Code art. 103 allows spouses that have been living separate and apart for the required time in La. C.C. art. 103.1 to file for divorce and begin the divorce proceedings without having to file and then wait for the time delay to pass. Keep in mind, however, the time delays must still be met, whether 365 or 180 days.

What is an HOC?

HOC stand for Hearing Officer Conferences

When there are issues involving custody, visitation, support, etc. a mandatory hearing officer conference is scheduled in an attempt to assist the parties in negotiating a settlement before their trial date. The hearing officers are officers of the court with authority to make decisions in the case.

This page is intended to give prospective clients a general idea of pricing and is not intended to be a binding agreement or offer. Prices may be changed by Hillman Law Office, LLC at any time.

What are clients are saying ...


  • I had a great experience with Marie! She was very genuine and kind and guided me through a divorce that ended quickly and fairly. I would recommend Marie Hillman as a family attorney because she is very knowledgeable about the law, considers all options, and most importantly, is compassionate throughout the whole experience!
    A. B.
  • Marie went above and beyond my expectations while handling my divorce. She made an uncomfortable process feel less frightening and not as difficult to cope with as I first imagined. She handled my case with complete professionalism and was extremely punctual and thorough in answering all of my questions and completing the process. I would highly recommend Marie to anyone going through this delicate situation.

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